In between the hot-blooded Sorrento and the fashionable Positano, there's Nerano...

...a real gem set between the sky and the sea...

...a small fishing village where the scents and flavours of earlier times still linger.

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Taverna del Capitano, Napoli - logo 50 anniSince 1967, our hotel has paid homage to the warm welcome of the Campanian culture, the fine quality and colourful wealth of the products offered by this land and the sea that laps its shores, which are transformed into the finest dining with a perfect balance between tradition and elements of avant-garde.

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Piazza delle Sirene 10/11 РLocalità Marina del Cantone 80061 Massalubrense (Na) – Phone +39 081 808 10 28 – Fax +39 081 808 18 92
P.IVA 03683331213

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