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Welcome in a new dimension.

Nerano can be reached from the famous Sorrento with its crowds, or the fashionable Positano. In either case, arriving on the promontory that dominates the village of Nerano, you get the distinct impression that you are entering a new dimension.

The sea is on the horizon, while stretching as far as the eye can see, olive groves and marvellous gardens of fruit and vegetables mark a pathway up the gentle slopes.

Indeed, it seems that the name Nerano derives from the existence of one of Emperor Nero’s villas here, probably built in this corner of paradise for the emperor to enjoy his leisure time.

Over the centuries, Marina del Cantone Marina del Cantone has become a village of brightly coloured cottages inhabited by the local fishermen who are fortunately still able to ply their trade.

Everything here reminds you of the authenticity of past times. Of unspoilt nature and a warm, crystal-clear sea ceaselessly lapping the white pebble beach.

Crossing the rural village of Nerano, you reach its harbour, Marina del Cantone.
It was already a resort destination for aristocratic families way back in Roman times.

You can laze on the beach. Take a stroll to the beautiful neighbouring bays of Reccomone and Jeranto.
Enjoy a breathtaking sunset. Have a good, frank chat with one of the village fishermen.

Everything here conveys a spirit of unparalleled authenticity.


Piazza delle Sirene 10/11 РLocalità Marina del Cantone 80061 Massalubrense (Na) – Phone +39 081 808 10 28 – Fax +39 081 808 18 92
P.IVA 03683331213

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