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How many times have you dreamed of going to sleep, lulled by the sound of the sea?

How many times have you longed to wake up greeted by a ray of sunshine that bounces off the ripples on the crystal-clear water and comes to caress your face?

And how many times have you yearned for the scent of the sea to fill every breath you take with vitality?

All of that is simple reality here.

Simple because here people live in symbiosis with the sea.

With its tireless, harmonious music.

With its iridescent colours.

With its mineral fragrance.

From the terraces and balconies of the rooms there are just eleven of them,, the horizon is delicately greeted by the two promontories that form this harbour with its authentic, timeless beauty..

You forget the usual rhythms of time.

Here it is the light with its multicoloured evolutions that guides you, from dawn to dusk, through a succession of emotions that are continually changing, minute by minute.

This will be your home, from the moment you arrive.

Simple because here you will be greeted with genuine smiles.
Simple because here you will be able to live in absolute freedom.
Simple because here you will again begin to feel in complete harmony with your surroundings.


Piazza delle Sirene 10/11 РLocalità Marina del Cantone 80061 Massalubrense (Na) – Phone +39 081 808 10 28 – Fax +39 081 808 18 92
P.IVA 03683331213

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